When you receive your rug, whether it's textured or non-textured, it will arrive rolled and cold. For non-textured rugs, simply shake them out to loosen the fibers and let them lay flat for 24 hours to fully flatten. Light natural shedding may occur during the first two weeks.

For textured rugs, in addition to shaking them out, you might need to use your fingers to fluff up certain areas for more volume. Expect more visible shedding, especially during the initial two weeks.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, it's essential to vacuum your rugs regularly. However, avoid using vacuum cleaners with rotating or brush heads, or those with very strong suction, as they can damage the rug.

Address spills immediately by blotting with a dry, absorbent white cloth or white paper towel—never rub a spill. Remember that our rugs are dry-clean only and should not be machine washed.

Also, to prevent fading, avoid placing your rugs in direct sunlight.

For more extensive cleaning needs, we recommend consulting a local professional.